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Annaberg technology-oriented foundation and service centre (Annaberg GDZ)

The right place for founders and service providers

GDZ Dienstleistungszentrum GDZ-Annaberg
To be successful today, a company founder or small business needs not only a sophisticated, innovative company concept, engaged and qualified employees, but more than ever also suitable rooms.

Bright, friendly, functional, flexibly usable, cheap and tailored to the needs of your company - these are the determining criteria for the choice of the rooms.

Office modules and workshop modules for your company

Office modules or workshop modules, integrated in a sophisticated total concept and without big investments and long-lasting building operations, immediately ready for occupation: this gives you advantages. You can concentrate on your core business immediately and without limitation.

We have the rooms for your corporate success. Find out about the advantages of our flexible room concepts from your perspective.

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Annaberg GDZ

Matthias Lißke
Matthias Lißke

Adam-Ries-Straße 16
09456 Annaberg-Buchholz

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